Shoto Budo: An Essential Text for Martial Artists


Shoto Budo: An Essential Text for Martial Artists by William Haggerty is, as the name suggests, an essential book for anyone interested in teaching martial arts. The book explains a variety of models that are invaluable for structuring and improving the way that you instruct and lead lessons.

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About Shoto Budo: An Essential Text for Martial Artists

William Haggerty, (Author) and Richard Price, (Illustrator), have worked intensely over a period of time to deliver this book. They have trained individually and together for many years and the gathered knowledge and experience between them and many other senior members of the Shoto Budo organisation contributed to this work. The book derived from a desire to pass on the knowledge and skill over many years of study, testing and training pertinent to the time when it was devised, researched, written and illustrated between 2010 and 2018.

From Gichin Funakoshi, recognised as the founding father of modern Karate the responsibility of continuance in the way of Karate-do was formally passed to his students, including Mitsusuke Harada, who in turn formally bestowed the same honour upon his student William Haggerty. In turn, William has taught and worked with his student Richard Price to jointly, in this book, offer the next expanding, exciting and respectful stage in this spirit of continuance, self-development and learning.

Both William and Richard would like to share this knowledge with all those who invest the time to read and use this book in the hope that they directly use its information and develop and share this in the future with many more.

Book Details

– Author: William Haggerty
– Illustrator: Richard Price
– Publisher: Shoto Budo
– Date of Publication: March 2018
– Binding: Paperback
– Pages: 307
– Height: 297 mm
– Width: 211 mm
– Language: English

Table of Contents

  • The Essence of Shoto Budo
  • Modelling
  • Why Model?
  • Building Useful Models
    • Fractal Modelling
  • Model: Why How What
    • Structure & Orientation
    • Fight-Flight-Freeze
    • Fear-Anxiety-Development-Safety
    • Analogue and Digital
    • Sameness and Difference
    • Detail-Scope-Connection
    • Modelling Instruction and Leadership
    • Communication
    • Explanation-Expectation-Examination-Enhancement
    • Competence Model
    • Chunking
    • Set-up Up-set Set-down
    • Grounded Judgement
    • Goals
  • Elements of Practice
    • Kihon (Basics)
    • Kata (Forms, Patterns, Sequences or Meditative Process)
    • Kumite / Engagement / Sparring
  • Spiral of Learning and Teaching
  • Skills
    • Preparation
    • Mental Preparation
    • Body Preparation
    • Exercise- Striking
    • Safe Falling
    • Unbalancing
    • Ground Work
    • Sequencing
    • Kata (Patterns of Movement)
    • Training
    • Defending
    • Engagement (Kumite)
    • Body Awareness
    • Meditation
    • Body Maintenance
    • Instruction
  • Nucleus and Concept