Features of HEMA Events

A cup of coffee helps the work flow!

I ran a very similar poll back in October 2013, asking about the features of HEMA events that people enjoyed or appreciated the most, when ignoring competitions. The majority of respondents (over 60% of all people who answered the question) indicated that scholarship was their most valued feature of events. Admittedly, only about 30-40 people responded to that survey, as the community was significantly smaller at that time. I’m hoping to see more than 100 responses to this new survey on the same topic!

When the survey is complete, by mid to late August, I will compile the results into an article to be posted on this website. Your responses will remain anonymous and only the number of votes for any given answer will be visible. You do not need to sign up to any service to participate in this poll.

Once you have given your response to this poll, please do share it with your friends and club mates. It would be very interesting to see what the opinions of the community are now, in August 2017.