A selection of books by Keith Farrell.

I have published several books through Fallen Rook Publishing, mainly on the subjects of history and martial arts, and enjoy making my research available.

I believe that physical books are an important medium for recording and transmitting information, often more so than anything electronic; an ebook or a website may just disappear one day, but a paperback or hardback book will continue to exist on your bookcase for years. Furthermore, a physical book can be lent and shared easily between friends or club members. Sharing a digital book can problematic, and different file formats cause other issues. Paper is one of the best file formats for sharing information, in my opinion!

My books are all available to purchase through the Fallen Rook Publishing website. The publishing house keeps every title in stock, and will dispatch items as quickly as possible after receiving an order.

Additionally, I sell my books through my online shop on this very website. I can post to every country in the world, and my preferred method of payment is PayPal, although I will endeavour to add some other payments methods for your convenience.

Alternatively, my books are available through my store, my store, through and the Academy of Historical Arts online shop, as well as from some other distributors and resellers in different countries.