Keith Farrell teaching a lesson at TaurHEMAchia 2017. Photo by Andrea Boschetti, 2017.

I would like to share some of the positive feedback and testimonials I have received about my teaching. It is always helpful to receive feedback on what people think of my teaching, and I think it is good to be able to share some of these notes.

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James Welfare 05/07/2017 Website

First thing on Saturday was a Longsword class with Keith Farrell, I’ve had a few classes with him before and there is simply no way you can finish his sessions and not learn what he has to teach. Keith’s structure and presentation is so logically and incrementally assembled that the points he makes simply slot into your brain.

Mike Aiken 22/06/2017

Keith’s tuition made a huge difference to my progress in longsword, not only in learning the techniques but also in my understanding of the system as a whole.

As someone who struggles to pick up techniques quickly I found that Keith’s ability to communicate things in different ways resulted in me performing better and also better understanding when to use the techniques I'd been practicing. With Keith’s lessons it wasn’t just being told what to do but his ability to see where I was going wrong and making adjustments to get it right.

If Liverpool wasn’t so far away I'd definitely be travelling for lessons.

Ken Kot 14/06/2017

I have spent two years with Keith and he has been an excellent fighter and instructor. On the one hand, he is very knowledgeable and having a deep understanding on varieties of material sources. On the other hand, he is a very experienced fighter that participate in many international event and competitions (he has a box of medal so you know how good he is). Having both characteristic from above means he does not only able to teach "text book techniques" but techniques that can be pulled out even under modern HEMA setting. Besides, he is very patient to teach as well. To conclude, I have been enjoying my time to learn from him.

Michela D'Orlando 05/07/2016 Website

The rest of the classes I took were with Keith Farrell from the Glasgow Academy of Historical Arts. Knowing Keith is an excellent teacher, I was looking forward to his classes too. The first, was on the gross mechanics of the Zwerhaw and how to make it “fall into place” through good body mechanics. Excellent! My notes on it are summarised in, “Take the picture, kill the parrot, use the hips” and I know exactly what that means.
In his second class, Keith showed ways to deal with all the guards that, while going by many names in various systems, are functionally Alber. This turned out to be an accidental perfect follow up the the sword & buckler class, as it was a lot about control of the opponent and I especially enjoyed a Talhoffer interpretation.
On top of this, I took the opportunity for a private lesson with Keith, in which, on my request, we focused on Duplieren and footwork. Lots to take away and practice.

Andrzej Rozycki 04/07/2016 Website

Keith’s classes are always great and very educating – he’s one of these teachers that will always show you a new perspective, that there is always a better, more efficient way of doing whatever you try to do. I value that very highly.

Kieran Neale 22/06/2016 Website

Keith's "instructing the instructor" course demonstrates an impressively deep understanding of training theory that is itself evident in the seminar. This invaluable course is a must for growing clubs who are serious about delivering the best value training experience to their students. Complicated? Yes. Intense? Yes. Yet the delivery was concise, easy to understand, and with frequent reinforcement at every stage.

Kieran Neale 22/06/2016 Website

Keith's longsword training took the Liechtenauer system back to basics which all members of the club, regardless of experience and ability, found immeasurably valuable in correcting bad habits, gaining a greater understanding of the heart of the system, and how to use the individual components together for competitive advantage. 5***** recommended!

Luca Venchi 01/05/2014 Website

Keith takes care of every single movement and pays due attention to each step.

Federico Malagutti 04/01/2014 Website

The second day [of the event] was marked by training with Keith, after a truly effective warm up (from which I took some inspiration for our one) the first part of the training was focused on two Flourish, the first from Codex Dobringer and the second by the Codex Best 7020. Both were of great impact and utility, we were able to correct your posture by learning the concepts of biomechanics to protect our joints, in order to perform the Flourish with the best possible posture. The Best 7020 Flourish was perhaps the most interesting if I have to express myself in preferences, regards the "anomalies" that was studded go into another direction of fencing without some dogma given by the masters in some of their Zettels. In fact, the biggest lesson that I have taken from this is that flourish using the right body mechanics I do not need more of the classic "I strike from the right I step with right foot", but I rather be contrary to "the rule" taking advantage of the movement of the hips , the distribution of weight and hitting in the right direction. The second part of the training included various exercises Sparring where the data came from Keith's objectives, such as maintaining a given speed, think more about the aesthetics of the movements and the accuracy of the techniques rather than to hit the opponent, or strike just to a part of the enemy body as goal. The training day was stimulating and well organized, we learned a lot and we are grateful.

Dave Gallo 13/12/2013 Website

What is there to say? From Keith Farrell, we have drawn lessons with perhaps a higher value than gold!

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