Hire Me to Teach

Teaching at the LangHEMA 2016 event in Alba, Italy. Hire me to teach at your event!

I teach lessons and workshops at several events every year, and I also teach seminars for clubs and schools. If you would like to hire me to teach a seminar at your club, or a workshop at your event, please contact me to discuss your ideas.

Hiring a skilled and experienced instructor can make all the difference for a newer club. Someone who knows about body mechanics can help your members avoid injuries from incorrect motions; information about how to train or how to bridge the gap between drilling and sparring can give your club the boost it needs to get past a current plateau. Although it may seem expensive, investing a little money in good quality instruction can be one of the best decisions you can make for your club.

I have taught at clubs and events in several countries across Europe. I have also travelled to teach in the USA and in Australia. The experience of these events and seminars has been invaluable to my own development as a fencer and instructor, and I am always delighted to share experience and ideas as widely as possible.

My typical daily rate is £250 per day of teaching (usually around 6-7 hours of teaching), which includes all the necessary preparation time. I also request expenses for travelling and accommodation (though I am quite happy to sleep on a couch and not bother with a hotel). If your club is small and may struggle with this daily rate then I may be able to negotiate a discount.

If you would like to hire me to teach at your event, please contact me to discuss your ideas.