Hire Me to Teach

Teaching at the LangHEMA 2016 event in Alba, Italy. Hire me to teach at your event!

I teach lessons and workshops at several events every year, and I also teach seminars for clubs and schools. If you would like to hire me to teach a seminar at your club, or a workshop at your event, please contact me to discuss your ideas.

Hiring a skilled and experienced instructor can make all the difference for a newer club. Someone who knows about body mechanics can help your members avoid injuries from incorrect motions; information about how to train or how to bridge the gap between drilling and sparring can give your club the boost it needs to get past a current plateau. Although it may seem expensive, investing a little money in good quality instruction can be one of the best decisions you can make for your club.

I have taught at clubs and events in several countries across Europe. I have also travelled to teach in the USA and in Australia. The experience of these events and seminars has been invaluable to my own development as a fencer and instructor, and I am always delighted to share experience and ideas as widely as possible.

If you are interested in visiting me in Liverpool for a weekend, please consider arranging a residential training. This might be the ideal way to get plenty of personal tuition and input, without having to go to the hassle of organising a whole event.

The fee I would request

My typical daily rate is £250 per day of teaching (usually around 6-7 hours of teaching), which includes all the necessary preparation time. I also request expenses for travelling and accommodation (though I am quite happy to sleep on a couch and not bother with a hotel). If your club is small and may struggle with this daily rate then I may be able to negotiate a discount.

Due to the number of invitations I receive to teach at events, I have to prioritise events where there is room in the budget for a teaching fee. If I accepted every invitation to teach, then I would be travelling for thirty or forty weekends a year, and would have very little time to myself to make any income! I may still be happy to attend some larger and further-afield events without asking for a teaching fee, but I must give priority to those that can pay for my time.

If you would like to hire me to teach at your event, please contact me to discuss your ideas.

Places where I have taught HEMA

I have been invited to teach at clubs and events throughout Europe, the USA, and Australia. Using the bar at the left, you can see where I have travelled to teach in the different years from 2010 until the present day.

Currently, outside the UK, I have been teaching most often in Italy, followed by France and the Republic of Ireland. I’d love the opportunity to visit and teach in more countries, so if you would like to have me teach something for your club or at your event, please do get in touch and let’s try to make it happen!