HEMA Reviews

I have been using different HEMA gear for several years now, and would like to share my experiences to help people who are looking for HEMA reviews of different pieces of equipment. Most of these items I have bought for myself, to use in my own training, although a few items have been sent to me specifically for review. Needless to say, if you would like to send me something for review, I’m more than happy to help – just get in touch with me and we can have a chat!

Jacket reviews

Review: Black Armoury jacket v1

Review: SPES “Axel Pettersson” jacket v1.2

Review: PBT HEMA jacket with inlays

Gorget reviews

Review: Destroyer Modz “Roughneck” gorget

Review: PBT gorget

Review: Superior Fencing gorget

Glove reviews

Review: Superior Fencing leather padded fencing gloves

Mask overlay reviews

Review: Superior Fencing leather mask overlay pro

Trouser & leg protection reviews

Review: Superior Fencing 800N HEMA trousers

Review: Superior Fencing padded knee protectors

Review: Superior Fencing padded shin guards

Elbow & forearm protection reviews

Review: Superior Fencing forearm & padded elbow guards

Training sword reviews

Review: Stryker singlestick from Purpleheart Armoury

Review: Carnage Claymores broadsword

Review: Carnage Claymores “technical” sabre

Review: Black Fencer basket-hilted broadsword

Review: Black Fencer “sharp simulator” longsword

Review: Black Fencer montante v4

Sharp sword reviews

Review: Armour Class sharp longsword (MS6T)

Bag & sheath reviews

Review: Superior Fencing HEMA bag

Review: DOHEMA sword sheath

Book reviews & DVD reviews

Book review: The Talhoffer Society

Book review: Cutting with the Medieval Sword

Book review: Art of the Borderland

Book review: Sport and Physical Education in the Middle Ages

DVD review: Sword and Shield

DVD review: Obsesseo

Quick thoughts about swords

Should I buy a Viktor Berbekucz feder?

Should I buy an Albion Meyer?

Should I buy an Albion Liechtenauer?

Should I buy an Armour Class longsword?

Should I buy a Regenyei Armory feder?

Should I buy a Tinker Pearce longsword?

Should I buy a Hanwei federschwert?

Should I buy a Kingston Arms federschwert?