Advice for Shorter Fencers

Keith Farrell teaching a lesson at TaurHEMAchia 2017. Photo by Andrea Boschetti, 2017.

Shorter fencers have many difficulties and disadvantages compared to taller fencers who have more reach. I know this all too well myself! I’m five foot six, or around 167 cm in height, and most of my opponents are taller than me – it is not so common for me to find a sparring partner who is my size or smaller.

As I have learned how to fence in a functional and effective fashion despite my size, I have written some of my thoughts into articles for this website. Hopefully my experience and ideas can help other short fencers learn to perform more successfully.

I wrote a summary of my philosophy for training and teaching, that I plan to keep updated and relevant as I write further articles on more topics. It is probably worth reading as well as the following individual articles.

General advice for sparring

Unhelpful advice 3: Myths of the short person in martial arts

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Go for the legs!

The problem of attribute fencing

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Video tutorials on cutting mechanics

2018: Cutting mechanics with the longsword: Oberhaw

Sparring videos with commentary

2018: Sparring with Federico Malagutti at Borgosesia

Choosing your training sword

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General advice for the long-term

Training for the future