Review of Bygone Blades

I have bought a couple of antique swords from Richard Wales at Bygone Blades, an antique dealer in Scotland, and have only the best things to say about his knowledge, helpfulness, and the ease of doing business with him.

Each sword is listed on the website with plenty of detailedphotos and with a detailed description of the item and best guesses as to alikely dating. Making a purchase is very smooth and streamlined, with a paymentprocessor integrated into the website so that you can browse, make yourchoices, and make the purchase without needing to leave the site.

Both times I made a purchase, the items were dispatched withtracking number within a couple of days, and were with me within 48 hours ofdispatch. They were well-packaged to keep them safe in transit, without anyexcessive plastic or foam.

Richard also maintains a blog on the website, where he postsinteresting articles about his travels, the auctions he attends, and the itemshe acquires. I read his blog whenever he posts anything new and have learnedquite a lot from his writings. He has also been more than happy to answerquestions and to share his thoughts and knowledge on the subject of antiqueswords whenever I have contacted him.

I intend to keep following his work and to put more customhis way whenever my wallet allows me to do so.