Should I buy an Albion Liechtenauer?

Question: Is an Albion Liechtenauer worth buying?

My verdict: Yes, definitely, if you live in North America; otherwise, unfortunately, probably not.

Albion Swords is an American company with a very good reputation. Many of their swords have beeb designed by Peter Johnsson, a well-renowned Swedish smith and sword-researcher.

The Albion Liechtenauer is a fantastic training tool, and if you have the opportunity to buy one in person or in North America, do so.

It will handle differently to any feder you may have used previously, but it is a phenomenally good training sword, and you will not go wrong by having one.

If you are not based in North America, and are considering importing one into Europe, then it may not be such a good investment anymore. It will still be an excellent sword, but by the time you pay for transatlantic shipping, postal insurance, import duty and VAT, the sword will cost you a small fortune, potentially enough to buy any three swords from some European smiths.

Keith Farrell

Keith Farrell teaches HEMA professionally, often at international events (why not hire me to teach at your event?), and has an interest in coaching instructors to become better teachers.

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