About my new website and blog

Keith Farrell - books | swords | teaching

I have decided to create this website and blog for myself, to let me explore more of what I find interesting about life, business, and martial arts, without having to represent another business or organisation. Furthermore, I felt it would be useful to have a website where I could showcase my skills and hopefully gain a little work in the process.

My training at university was actually in computer science, with an emphasis on programming. We did not spend a lot of time working on websites, unfortunately, but that is a set of skills I have developed since graduation. I find it very enjoyable to make a website; although I have to admit, the most fun is in writing it all from scratch in a text editor, and this time I decided just to make a WordPress installation to see what I could make WordPress do for me in addition to being a blog.

The first time I used WordPress was in 2011, when I created the Encased in Steel blog. Since then, it seems that WordPress has developed significantly, and the amount of support and useful plugins has increased dramatically. I look forward to exploring what functionality it has to offer now!

Things may change frequently for the next few months as I try to find the best way to display everything across the website. As I work on the overall shape of the website, the blog probably won’t receive too much attention at first, although I may be posting a few articles now and again as thoughts come to me. In due time I will be updating the blog on a more regular basis.