2018: Cutting Mechanics with the Longsword: Oberhaw

Filming by Daria Izdebska; editing by Keith Farrell. Demonstration and narration by Keith Farrell. Cutting mechanics are an incredibly important element of practice and performance with the longsword. Without sufficiently good cutting mechanics, techniques that manage to hit the opponent will probably not have any effect on the target, and may end up being more […]

Ethical considerations with antique swords, part 2: cutting

This article was originally posted on Encased in Steel on 12th February 2016. It has been edited and improved for posting here. This is going to be a short article, presenting an ethical consideration. The previous article in this series discussed the problem of people sparring with antique swords; in this article, the focus will be […]

My Philosophy for Training and Teaching

My philosophy for training and teaching has developed over the last twenty or so years of training and teaching martial arts. I have written about facets of my philosophy here and there over the years, and now I would like to bring it together and attempt to write a draft of what I think my […]

2018: Sparring with Federico Malagutti at Borgosesia

Filming by Elisa Zanoli; editing by Federico Malagutti. While attending the Borgosesia Historical Fencing Meeting 2018 in the north of Italy, I enjoyed some sparring with Federico Malagutti in the very beautiful surroundings of a village in the hills. Although it was an exhibition bout for video, we pushed ourselves and challenged ourselves to demonstrate […]

HEMA Reviews

I have been using different HEMA gear for several years now, and would like to share my experiences to help people who are looking for HEMA reviews of different pieces of equipment. Most of these items I have bought for myself, to use in my own training, although a few items have been sent to […]


I have taught lessons and workshops at several events across the world, and some of these have been recorded as videos and made available on YouTube. The topics are quite varied, and of course my own interpretations of techniques, skills and concepts are in a constant state of development, but I do hope that these videos will be […]